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First Virtual Vet blog post

For years I have been wanting to find a way to help my current and future clients by providing good solid info on health matters for their pets.

I have been veterinary practitioner now for 40+ years and feel now that I have enough knowledge and experience to give sound medical advice to pet owners.

Since I graduated from Veterinary school, there have been tremendous advances in the knowledge and practical applications of veterinary medicine. Technology has made leaps and bounds in new tools and equipment that was never available to us 30 & 40 years ago.

Even with all the wonderful progress in this field of study, the pets still have issues, need medical assistance, surgeries and routine vaccinations.

What I have discovered after so many years of working with dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horse, cows, lama's and more is that they too have emotions and feelings.

I found the animals were "talking" to me while I was helping them recover from a bout of diarrhea, a face full of porcupine quills, a broken leg and yes, even 'neutering. I realized that I had a gift and I needed find ways to express what I was "reading" and sensing from the pet to the pet owner.

HeartSpeak was the answer I was looking for and am now a licensed practitioner. I am now the translator for your pet. With scheduled sessions, not only am I able to feel their emotions but, I can help let you - the pet owner - know what your pet is trying to say.

So, my future blog posts will not only be about ways to help your pets medically and physically, but also emotionally.

What is in this for you, my readers? My wish is that you gain knowledge and comfort from my writings and ideas.

If you have a question about any kind of issue, contact me today and I will do my best to provide up to date veterinary and emotional help for your pets.